Are you ready for unforgettable emotions, drive and adrenaline? Imagine a 512-meter  long zipline tour 118 meters above the gorgeous mountains of Ajara that will guarantee long-lasting impressions. Zipline Makhuntseti starts from Makhuntseti waterfall finishing at historical Queen Tamar arch stone bridge. During the zipline tour you can enjoy unmatched views of waterfall, mountains, river Ajaristskali, hydroelectric power station of Ajaristskali. Makhuntseti Zipline features 1 zipline and two lines.

You can choose from 2 types of  tours


Zipline tours are administered with full observation of all safety rules and norms.

Certified professional instructors operate the tour providing necessary instructions to visitors.

Technical safety of Zipline is also fully observed. The speed is balanced with special magnetic rollers while the brake system is well-maintained and protected. In addition, the beginning and ending points of the tour are video monitored in order to ensure the safety is properly controlled.

Things to consider

Zipline tours are not suitable for pregnant women.

Weight and age restrictions apply when taking a Zipline tour:

  • Maximum weight: 200 kg.

Contact information:  +995599790163 (WhatsApp/Viber); +995555551170

Adress:  Village Makhuntseti, Ajara, Georgia

Working hours: 8 am- 10 pm every day without days off

Price: 70 Gel per person

The price includes special mountain vest fastened to a Zipline and a helmet.

The price can be paid either in cash or with a card.